File conversion from IBM Notes/Lotus Notes to Outlook

We help you convert Lotus Notes emails to MS Office with no data loss

Convert Lotus Notes emails (.LNE files) to MS Outlook

Are you decomissioning Lotus Notes?
Transition from .LNE to MS Outlook can be quite a complex job, and it's common loosing data on the way. If you want to make sure none of your emails get lost, let us help you in the file converting process!
We make sure everything is converted correctly from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook and we assure thorough documentation of all steps.
We have solved many similar tasks with e.g. conversion of AutoCAD files to PDF and old MS Office documents converted from .doc to .docx.
Customer review Lotus Notes migration to MS Outlook

Customer case: 50.000 emails from LNE to Outlook

At 2016, Outotec (globally) decided to migrate from IBM Notes (former Lotus Notes) to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange online. This transition would render all saved IBM Notes emails inaccessible (approx. 50.000 emails). MIRANDA Partners A/S was hired to help with a conversion tool, to convert the stored IBM Notes emails to Outlook format (.msg).
MIRANDA Partners technicians performed all the work remotely. Outotec did setup a workstation with necessary permissions to the eDOCS system. All configuration and testing were performed at this workstation.
When the file conversion was performed, the updated files were synced into the eDOCS library. The end users could then access their saved emails in same manner in Outlook as during the IBM Notes era.
Outotec recommendation on file convertion project by MIRANDA Partners

Customer review: Outotec

This process went very smooth. In fact, it was very convenient to just describe the requested task, setting up the remote workstation, and then in principle forget about the project.
When MIRANDA Partners was ready for the file replacement, we just agreed the date/time for this and they performed also that step then.
Case closed! :-)

Björn Genborg, ICT Manager Scandinavia

Outotec (Sweden) AB is company within the Outotec company group, with offices in 40 countries. At the office in Skellefteå, Sweden Opentext eDOCS has been used for many years in combination with IBM Notes (former Lotus Notes) During this period the integration between eDOCS and IBM Notes was used. Meaning: Emails received in IBM Notes were saved into the eDOCS library.

An automated, one-to-one migration from Lotus Notes database to a Microsoft ASP .Net platform

Composer Notes from OpenText™

This software provides an automated, one-to-one migration from Lotus Notes database to a Microsoft ASP .Net platform (homepage) through a proven methodology and feature-rich set of tools.
It preserves the business logic and User Interface, in order to minimize disruption for end users.
Additional coding is required, delivering the new Microsoft-based application quickly and cost effectively.

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