Complete analysis of eDOCS DM environment and setup

eDOCS DM Audit is a complete analysis of eDOCS DM environment and setup

Risk reducing improvements for eDOCS DM 5, 10 and 16

As new versions of eDOCS DM are being launched from OpenText with new features and nice benefits, there is a growing need for system managers to make sure the system is up to date.
eDOCS DM Audit is a baseline report for risk reducing improvements - and your assistance in planning the next steps. eDOCS DM Audit has 7 focus points:

  • Main Audit Summery Report
  • DM Architecture
  • DM Library
  • DM Database
  • DM Server
  • DM Client
  • Network and infrastructure
We use the DeLone & McLean model to measure the succes of the eDOCS DM audit

DeLone and McLean IS Success model

Any systems finest task is to support an organizations needs. The accessibility, performance and functionality should fulfill the strategic objectives driving the original purchase and ongoing changing requirements to the system. Document management systems and information portals in general are quite complex to maintain in this scope.

In order to place technical findings in the business organization context, we have adapted the DeLone & McLean Information System Succes model in the eDOCS DM Audit project. The model builds on identifying, describing and explaining 6 critical dimensions of succes.
MIRANDA Partners - eDOCS DM audit focuses on technical issues and business needs

Technical issues and business needs

Often a document management system has been implemented over years. During that time the organisation changes, and the system requirements does too. These changes are usually one of the biggest challenges for any system. Often the distributed eDOCS DM architecture needs adjustment according to the present and future infrastructure strategy.
The eDOCS DM Audit does not only evaluate technical issues of the DMS system. It also serves the purpose of identifying and evaluating the business and the business needs.
We take an allround approach in any audit project for our customers benefit!

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