eDOCS DM 16 upgrade for stability and new flexible UI

Get the eDOCS DM 16 upgrade and take advantage of the newest features

What's new in eDOCS 16?

eDOCS DM 16 is shipping! With an upgrade you can take full advantage of stability improvements and the newest eDOCS features and functions! 
We work abroad through secure remote connections as we're doing this upgrade for our customers. We have +20 years of eDOCS expertise. With the eDOCS DM 16 upgrade you get:
  • eDOCS InfoCenter - A flexible, intuitive UI for Windows and Mac that streamlines your tasks and boosts user productivity
  • eDOCS Search+ - New combined search function in MS Outlook mailbox + eDOCS DM
  • FlexFolders - simplifies access to DM documents
  • Workspaces - shareable container with references to eDOCS DM items (docs, folders, saved searches etc.)
We are doing an eDOCS DM Audit before the upgrade to let you know exactly where risk reducing improvements are recommended.
Upgrade to eDOCS DM 16 - MIRANDA Partners

eDOCS upgrade step 1-3

There's 6 steps in the eDOCS upgrade project:
An eDOCS DM audit is made to provide a technical overview on the current installation. We do that to ensure the system can manage the upgrade. Outcome with needed details for the migration + a complete plan for migration.
We will test everything before the final upgrade takes place. To make sure the upgrade can be done with as little hassles as possible for the company. Outcome with result of test protocol, adjusted plan and migration schedule.
During this phase, thorough testing and control are performed and new eDOCS features are installed and configured. Outcome with result of test protocol, adjusted plan and migration schedule.
Upgrade to eDOCS DM 16 - MIRANDA Partners

eDOCS upgrade step 4-6


We deliver MSI package for the distribution system and run test protocols. Outcome with result of test protocol, adjusted plan and migration schedule.
Newest version of eDOCS DM are being installed and tested. After the customer's approval, status and in-depth documentation are stated. Outcome with Post migration “eDOCS DM test protocol”, status and documentation.
Last step is a thorough evaluation to make sure that all areas of the upgrade project were successfully covered.


We use PRINCE2 project management method - MIRANDA Partners

PRINCE2 project management method

We have an holistic approach to the upgrade project. It's not only about technical issues. User satisfaction and how accessible they find the system and it's features is also very important. 'Cause if you buy a solution but don't use it, what's the point then? We want our customers to get the most out of what we deliver.
Any change deemed necessary to do in accordance to the original agreement of the eDOCS project, is always cleared between the parties involved before it is effected. It may be information about encountered challenges in the system, servers etc. 
In every upgrade project we work after PRINCE2 principles. It's a structured project management method that helps keeping track of all stages and costs.

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