Professional Services from MIRANDA Partners

Professional Services for eDOCS DM

Two decades of experience with eDOCS DM as well as Microsoft gives us the confidence and competence we can offer you. We can provide help from simple configuration and audits to game changing system designs and solutions. 
Our consulting staff are OpenText Certified DM 16 Administrators and are continuously up to date on all elements of the product.
Our services have been used from Europe to USA and Asia, and we offer support either on single issues, on repetitive issues or as longterm strategic partners on your projects.
MIRANDA Partners work with 3 core IT areas: Stability, Performance and functionality

Our 3 core areas

1. STABILITY is first priority: Plan, installation, configuration, hotfixes, support, upgrade and test. Make your eDOCS administration run faster, leaner and more accurate with DM Sync Manager


2. PERFORMANCE and speed is the next important area: Plan, configuration, evaluation, troubleshooting. For travelling users with different locations and DM servers, we made DM Connect Manager. Keep up the DM performance level by always connecting to the nearest DM server.


3. FUNCTIONALITY is crucial: Plan, integration, reports, migration, import and export. Smart Search Manager and Meta Data Manager are useful tools that make eDOCS DM even better!

eDOCS DM Audit

eDOCS DM Audit is an inspection of your eDOCS system to ensure it has been implemented correctly and is running optimally.
As an IT administrator you will achieve the following benefits with an audit of your system: 


  • Written documentation of server setup
  • Overview of your eDOCS DM installation
  • Faster and easier access to the documentation
  • Stable operations - allowing more time for other tasks
  • Suggestions for improvements

MS AD DesignCheck

In many companies the Microsoft Windows Server system is an important foundation in the IT infrastructure.
The system is specially designed to help companies increase the efficiency and security of computer operations.
For the same reason it is therefore important to ensure that the server continues to function optimally and stable, so access to important information and applications is maintained.

MS SQL ServerCheck

Is your database running optimally? Are you unsure whether your SQL server has been installed correctly? Errors on your MS SQL Server can cause lost time and work, but IT does not have to be cumbersome if the system is set up correctly.
An MS SQL ServerCheck inspects and analyzes one or more servers' current state. We work on a fixed procedure and investige whether your system is operating optimally.
The outcome is a report describing what the analysis discovered. The report is presented and elaborated by a technical consultant from MIRANDA Partners A/S.

MS Exchange ServerCheck

MS Exchange Server is an email based communications server that supports business communication flow in a smart and secure way.
The system makes it easy and quick for employees to access to messages, calenders, attachments, contacts, etc. No matter where they are.
Since communication is alpha and omega in any business today, it is important to ensure that the server delivers the best, and to avoid system failures.

We Manage Your IT

You can trust your IT with MIRANDA Partners A/S. Microsoft and OpenText specialists.