Search interface for eDOCS DM with filters based on profile fields - eLearning sessions available

Find documents easily with Smart Search Manager - search function with filters developed for eDOCS DM

Smart Search Manager

We have developed Smart Search Manager to make the functionality of eDOCS DM even better. With this tool you can create a virtual funnel and find documents and folders very easy. By combining the rich information base from the document with information from the profile card, this application provides an easy and fast search with very useful sort methods.
Search by free text and use filters based on profile fields to narrow down search results in DM to a focused hit list. Smart Search Manager helps you find your documents swift and easily.
You are more than welcome to book a web demo - we will schedule it for your time zone.
Smart Search Manager for eDOCS provides search by free text, filters and quick searches

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Quick searches in documents, groups, emails and today's documents
  • Easy narrowing of search results
  • Filterings by user's choice
  • Set to the individual user's request for setup and search method
  • Integrated online guide
  • eLearning sessions available

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