User friendly tools developed for eDOCS DM

Search function with filters

Seek and find your documents and files easy with Smart Search Manager.
We have developed this add-on tool for eDOCS DM and the vision is, that a document is "only one click away”. Basic functionality is to search for a word and then filter the hit list, one profile element at a time. Searches will be on free text as well as database information. You could say we have turned the search process around and added some “handles” to narrow down a list.
We are providing a search interface where the speed of finding the requested documents is swift. However, the real benefit is the ease of use.

Meta Data Manager

With this manager you can easily and securely insert elements from your eDOCS DM document profile into your MS Word Document, which automatically will be kept updated when changes are made to the profile.
This works similarly to MS Word's own Quick Parts section where you are able to insert a wide range of fields such as the document's create date.
This allows you to easily create document templates for your employees and coworkers and ensure the correct information is displayed in the document.

PDF Render Manager

Easily convert a wide array of document and file extensions such as CAD-files to PDF and PDF/A!
Create and Import in bulk while maintaning meta and security data of your files. PDF Manager uses the Adlib Software engine to convert, combine and enhance documents into professional, searchable PDF or PDF/A files.
With the ability to convert files into searchable PDF/A files, PDF Render Manager is the go-to application for Long-Term Digital Preservation to comply with the increase in the strict regulatory requirements and federal laws in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia among others.

Task Manager

Task Manager provides a right click menu action which will place a .DRF file in the Task organizer of MS Outlook.
The application is integrated into eDOCS and will add a new function to the Document Menu.
Task Manager has a suite of features:
  • Provides an easy to use 1:1 workflow option for eDOCS DM
  • Activation from eDOCS DM's right-click-menu interaction.
  • Provides integration for forwarding a MS Outlook task including eDOCS DM Document reference(s)

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