eDOCS integrations for MS Outlook

eDOCS InfoCenter is integrated with its own panel in MS Outlook

InfoCenter panel in Outlook

InfoCenter for Outlook client is a panel that is presented to the user in both the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Office 365 Online interface.
Easily attach documents from eDOCS to an email message, and save Outlook messages and their attachments to eDOCS. Profile and advanced searches can be performed to retrieve a document from eDOCS DM. You can also check out and work on documents, in a similar way to using eDOCS InfoCenter Desktop and Mobile apps.
The eDOCS InfoCenter for Outlook client is included as an interface available as part of your DM Named user license.

Note: eDOCS InfoCenter for Outlook requires Microsoft Exchange 2013 or higher, and Office 2013 or higher.

eDOCS Search+ is an integrated search function for Outlook and eDOCS libraries

Combined search function for Outlook mailbox and eDOCS libraries: Search+

In the past, users searching for content would perform separate searches of email and content in the eDOCS library.
With eDOCS Search+ you can now perform a single search of the Outlook mailbox and eDOCS library from the Outlook ribbon - making it faster and more efficient to locate work product!
In this example "eDOCS infocenter" is typed into Search+ in Outlook, and all found documents are listed below. Preview of the selected document appears on the right.


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