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What is eDOCS InfoCenter?

eDOCS InfoCenter is a flexible and intuitive user interface with a modern dashboard "look and feel". It integrates with Microsoft Teams, MS OneDrive and OpenText Core Share and makes it a lot easier to collaborate from the home office!
InfoCenter can be personalized with the files and folders most important to you. It presents with a great overview and you can enlarge tiles you want to highlight. Drag and drop tiles to reorganize and put them in the order you prefer.
At MIRANDA Partners we have had eDOCS InfoCenter in production for a long time. We're ready to assist you going from test mode to production.
Search functions in eDOCS InfoCenter

InfoCenter search functions

eDOCS InfoCenter contains two search functions. A quick search in the grey tile on the left, and an enlarged search in the upper right corner.
Type in keywords and seek in all DM profiles and content. You can use filters in your search like e.g.

- Content name
- Document number
- Client
- Matter
- Author
- Creation date
eDOCS DM InfoCenter is available on mobile devices - MIRANDA Partners A/S

Excellent mobile version of eDOCS InfoCenter!

From eDOCS 16.3 InfoCenter has been available across platforms. From desktop to tablet to phone. 
We must say... It works great on tablets and smartphones! Fast and easy to use! 
The mobile platform for InfoCenter is a simple and very intuitive user interface. Now you have an easy access to your most important documents and files while you're on the go. Log on with the touch of your finger.
At MIRANDA Partners we have eDOCS InfoCenter in production mode. We're ready to assist you going from test mode to production.
InfoCenter Mobile home screen and menu - MIRANDA Partners A/S

Take a look at the InfoCenter - viewed from an iPhone

The home screen presents itself with the InfoCenter tiles known from desktop version. In mobile version they are shown as color bars.
Click the hamburger menu and see the list of opportunities (right screenshot).
In "Preferences" you decide which tiles you want displayed on the home screen. E.g. for this pictured library:
- Recently Edited
- Saved Searches
- FlexFolders
- Workspaces
- Public Folders
- Downloads
Profile search in eDOCS DM - InfoCenter Mobile

Document search by profile data or content

InfoCenter offers search in profile data, in content or "all", to help you find the documents you are looking for.
In profile search you get field options like e.g. Document Name, Doc#, Author and Document type that can help you narrow down your search results.


InfoCenter iPhone view - Choose files and download options  - MIRANDA Partners A/S

Files and download options

Choose a file from the list or browse again. You get a clear overview of your options. 
At the download list you can either select a file, upload a new one or create a new folder.
Everything is very intuitive on the mobile version of eDOCS InfoCenter.

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