What's new with eDOCS DM?

New features in eDOCS 23.4

DM Extension
  • Change language utility (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish)
  • FlexFolder setup in the Management Studio that shows subscription node
  • Manage document types in InfoCenter Web: DocTypes can now be managed in InfoCenter Web administrator interface for members of groups that have the “Manage Validation Table” permission
  • Configure default InfoCenter Tiles (based on Primary Group)
  • Import folder structures and content (drag-and-drop)
  • Export folder structures and content (will create the same folder structure in the .ZIP file if there are multiple sub-folders in the folder that was selected) 
eDOCS CE 23.1 with new tiles feature

eDOCS CE 23.1 features

eDOCS CE 23.1 is a new feature release for the DM Extensions and InfoCenter clients.
New features include:
  • Office footer enhancements for the DM Application integration and eDOCS InfoCenter for MS Office clients.
  • View multimedia files in eDOCS InfoCenter for Web
  • Show Personal File Transfer Agent connection status
  • Configure number of items for Home Tiles
  • Configure location of Tiles added to the Home page
The newest eDOCS release from OpenText - MIRANDA Partners

eDOCS CE 22.4 features

  • In DM Extension the Security tab now displays the users and groups that have access to the document (see image).
  • The number of versions per document has been increased from 99 to 9999. 
  • In eDOCS InfoCenter you can now select types of document URLs in emails. Choose whether link shall open, download, view profile or preview the document, when clicked.
  • Checked-out document comments will now be displayed, when a user selects a checked-out document.
  • New shortcut keys viewed by selecting the question mark in upper right corner.
New InfoCenter integrations with eDOCS DM

InfoCenter integrations

eDOCS CE comes with a new MS Azure Database integration and enhanced collaboration with MS Teams!
Modern authentication enables users to leverage corporate sign-on across eDOCS interfaces. When it comes to productivity, you can share, check-out, and save to cloud storage app from eDOCS DM. eDOCS content, features and functionality can be accessed directly within Teams.
OpenText Core Share + MS OneDrive can be accessed directly from InfoCenter. InfoCenter can be accessed directly from within MS Teams. As well as access to Office Online, real-time collaboration, and the possibility to share content with external parties.
No doubt, the new integrations will be a benefit for many!

InfoCenter enhancements and features

InfoCenter features

- Access Teams content within InfoCenter 
- Check out documents to Teams 
- Import content from Teams into eDOCS 
- Co-author on content in Teams in Office Online 
- Library selection at login
- Activity tracker is built into the Recent Updates feature of InfoCenter. Each link in the Activity tracker tile opens a full screen window with details
- Filter function in Recently Edited list. The user can configure which columns to display
eDOCS footer with metadata in InfoCenter Word add-in
- Smart profiling simplifies saving to eDOCS by suggesting the Client, Matter, Author and Document type
Export metadata result list from eDOCS InfoCenter to a local CSV file

Export eDOCS metadata to a local .CSV file

With OpenText eDOCS CE 22.3 it's possible to export a metadata result list from eDOCS InfoCenter to a local .CSV file.
When performing a search or viewing the content of either a Workspace or a folder, the metadata result list can be exported in just a few clicks.
First, select "Export files" in the drop down menu and name the file. Then select which metadata fields to export. You can keep or change the name of the column that will be used in the .CSV file.
More enhancements with the newest eDOCS version

More enhancements

Send and open DRF links to eDOCS containers in the InfoCenter web and Office clients. Users can manually import attachment to a document - earlier it could only be done programmatically.
Single sign-on is enabled across eDOCS integrations when using Modern Authentication.
Another new feature is user friendly links to eDOCS content - for intranet links also. And, in the Attachments selection, you can download or email options alone or along with other versions.
InfoCenter Mobile for Android will now download a DRF file to the InfoCenter download folder. This is reducing the number of steps for the user when working with DRF on their mobile device.
The DMS system eDOCS DM from OpenText is available through reseller MIRANDA Partners A/S

Intuitive user experience and more flexibility!

eDOCS DM is a document management system that provides a secure, centralized repository for managing your firm’s collective work product. All the various pieces of information related to a client, project, or matter. In addition, it offers a user experience that is flexible and intuitive.
eDOCS customers have operations that are centered around their work product. They require fast, easy ways to save, find, collaborate, and work with it. The newest eDOCS release introduces key capabilities to make the eDOCS work environment even more flexible - to deliver greater user and process productivity.

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