What's new in eDOCS DM 16?

eDOCS 16.5 from OpenText is now shipping - MIRANDA Partners

eDOCS 16.5 is shipping!

Highlights in eDOCS DM 16.5:


  • eDOCS Defense - new security module - provides encryption at rest
  • eDOCS InfoCenter - now as add-in for MS Outlook
  • CMIS Adapter
  • The ability to send an email and a .drf from eDOCS Extensions at the same time
  • Integrating eDOCS RM with InfoCenter (add-on)


eDOCS DM 16 offers InfoCenter, new levels of security and MS Outlook integrations

eDOCS DM 16 highlights

In eDOCS DM 16 OpenText™ have focused on more flexibility for the user and faster access to important information. eDOCS Security and visualized data is also getting more and more important. Therefore the new security module eDOCS Defense was introduced ultimo 2018. 
eDOCS InfoCenter is also a highlight in DM 16. A flexible, modern interface, where you can streamline your tasks, drag and drop between tiles, and customize as you prefer. eDOCS InfoCenter is available across devices. For Windows and Mac. 
eDOCS InfoCenter for Outlook and eDOCS Search+ are new add-ins for MS Outlook.
eDOCS DM 16 from OpenText is available through reseller MIRANDA Partners A/S

Intuitive user experience and more flexibility!

eDOCS DM provides a secure, centralized repository for managing your firm’s collective work product—all the various pieces of information related to a client, project, or matter. In addition, it offers a user experience that is flexible and intuitive.
eDOCS customers have operations that are centered around their work product. They require fast, easy ways to save, find, collaborate, and work with it. The 16 releases introduces key capabilities to make the eDOCS work environment even more flexible - to deliver greater user and process productivity.
MIRANDA Partners - promotional sponsor at Enterprise World 2018 conference

Enterprise World 2018

MIRANDA Partners attended as a promotional sponsor at last years Enterprise World conference in Canada. 
OpenText key areas was concerning data security, cloud solutions, and the latest news about the eDOCS DM 16 releases.
eDOCS InfoCenter is still developing and will be integrated in MS Outlook soon.
eDOCS Defense, an anti virus program where everything can be encrypted. Includes dashboard that presents a clear overview.
OpenText Analytics iHub - a scalable analytics and data visualization platform.
OpenText Decisiv Search replaces earlier classical search methods.

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