eDOCS Defense - new security module

eDOCS Defense is a new security module in eDOCS DM 16.5 - MIRANDA Partners

What is eDOCS Defense?

Two new layers of defense has been added to eDOCS 16.5: Activity monitoring and Encryption at rest.
Complete security of sensitive data requires multiple layers of defense, and eDOCS Defense is a new licensed security module that provides two layers of security in your eDOCS environment. 
You are probably already protected from outsider threats. But insider threats are actually the cause of the biggest security breaches out there - and they are extremely costly to remediate!
The first step in protecting sensitive data is in knowing where it is and who has access to it.
With eDOCS Defense individual files will be encrypted at the library/document server level and only individuals with permission to those files will be able to decrypt the files.
Activity Monitoring enables you to monitor eDOCS DM libraries for user activities that may indicate a data loss

Prevent data loss with Activity Monitoring

Activity Monitoring enables you to monitor eDOCS DM libraries for user activities that may indicate a data loss. 
The eDOCS administrator defines and builds rules, and the rule starts with conditions. A condition specifies the activities you want to monitor. For example the number of times that the activity must occur before breaching the condition, and a time period for the activities to take place. That means, a condition might be breached when a user deletes more than 50 documents in three days.
In building a rule, information must be added like which libraries to monitor, whether to send an email to the user who triggers a condition, and whether to advise the administrator when a rule is triggered. 
eDOCS Defense is a new 2-layered security module

Encryption at Rest

This eDOCS Defense feature will encrypt the individual documents on the document server and prevent individuals who have access to the document sever file system from being able to view the contents of the document outside of DM.
When a document is added to DM, the DM Server will encrypt the document when storing it on the DM document server and decrypt it when the DM Server is transferring the document to the user in the respective DM interface.

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