Save precious time and increase business productivity with a Document Management System from OpenText™

If you vision a Document Management System as a building's easy to understand why many organisations have different solutions. Just like a house is home to some - and a hotel to others. Both are buildings but very different in demand, usage and criteria for success.
And for users it's the same.
If your DMS has most remseblase to a home you might have less use of a synchronization tool and more use of an easy to use search interface. A DMS most considered as a hotel will have the need for fast users replacement and less use of an Enterprise PDF render engine.
Buttom line: eDOCS DM can do it all and the tools, we have developed for it called "The Managers" will help you make it even easier!

eDOCS DM 16 with InfoCenter and Search+

With the latest releases of eDOCS DM 16, there's some great new features and functions.
eDOCS InfoCenter is one of them. A flexible and intuitive platform that streamlines your tasks and boosts the user productivity. Easy to customize and personalize.
The platform InfoCenter is available on any device you prefer - whether it's Windows or Mac. InfoCenter works excellent on a smart phone, so now you have access to your most important files where ever you are.
There's also two new Outlook integrations in eDOCS DM 16: InfoCenter for Outlook and eDOCS Search+, a combined search function for Outlook mailbox and eDOCS library.
Document Management from MIRANDA Partners

Clear benefits with eDOCS

  • Creates a simple, highly scalable library, most suitable for all your work
  • Easy access, file retrieval, efficiency and better collaboration
  • Find documents easily
  • Save precious time while increasing business productivity and competitiveness
We have many solutions based on this platform, so please contact us for a non-binding call on a solution that suits your organization's requirements.
OpenText eDOCS DM enables companies of all sizes and industries to manage, secure and utilize unstructured business information. Either in the datacenter or in the "cloud". Over 50,000 companies already use OpenText solutions.
Use eDOCS DM as an independent system or closely related to MS Office

eDOCS DM integration

EDOCS DM from OpenText™ can be used as an independent system where users save their respective documents or as closely related systems with close integration to MS Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint.
EDOCS Interceptor provides flexibility through integration layers, where "Save as" is replaced by "Save in eDOCS".
Based on many years of experience using eDOCS DM, MIRANDA Partners ensures that eDOCS DM is integrated into your organization's programs without any problems. This means that you as an enterprise can utilize eDOCS DM's document management to its full potential.
MIRANDA Partners has worked with OpenText™ for two decades

About OpenText and eDOCS

OpenText™ is a Canadian company that develops and sells Enterprise Information Management software.
eDOCS is a highly-flexible ECM solution from OpenText™, a centralized repository where centric content can be managed. eDOCS is a foundation easy to build on, where you can customize eDOCS to the specific needs of your firm. Read more about the solution here
MIRANDA Partners has worked with OpenText™ and their products for two decades. We have developed several solutions for eDOCS DM, which can help improve your experience.
Find add-on tools for eDOCS DM users here
MIRANDA Partners - eDOCS DM Reseller

eDOCS DM Reseller

MIRANDA Partners sells the eDOCS DM document management system from OpenText, a fast-to-implement technology that is fully customizable to your organization's needs. All the important is gathered in one package where easy access, file retrieval, efficiency and better collaboration are the keywords. The technology is available on-site, in a private cloud, across mobile devices, and can also be easily integrated with third party technological solutions.

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