Automated synchronization from Microsoft AD to eDOCS

DM Sync Manager is an eDOCS admin tool for automated sync between Windows AD and eDOCS DM

DM Sync Manager simplifies system admin workflows

DM Sync Manager is an automated synchronization tool for Microsoft Active Directory (MS AD). Easy to use, install and administrate.
Creating and maintaining users in eDOCS DM is a time-consuming task, all system administrators know that. But with DM Sync Manager you can track even thousands of users' information and groups in the company. They already exist in MS AD and DM Sync Manager utilizes that.
Sync users, groups, user attributes and primary groups through the easy wizard setup.
DM Sync Manager is a natural extension to eDOCS DM and makes the administration faster, leaner and more accurate.

DM Sync Manager saves me a lot of work and problems, as we are always aligned with the AD.

Sven-Olov, eDOCS DM System Manager (1800 user accounts)
DM Sync Manager provides automated sync from MS AD to eDOCS - timesaving tool for system admins!

Sync sets and mappings

Let the wizard guide you through the setup:

  • Create, change, disable or lock user accounts
  • Name changes e.g. users having a new surname
  • Account information transfers from MS AD to the eDOCS people table, supporting standard or custom fields
  • Groups and Individual priority setup options
  • Scheduled refresh on each sync set
  • One log file per sync set
  • Multiple eDOCS Libraries supported
  • Nested AD Groups supported
Auto sync can be set from every 15 minutes up to 48 hours. Detailed online guide available by clicking the question mark.
Here's the benefits by using DM Sync Manager for eDOCS DM

DM Sync Manager benefits

  • Automated synchronization between Microsoft AD and eDOCS DM
  • Users are only managed in one place
  • Consistency in the creation and maintenance of users
  • Less risk of security problems
  • Better control of access to documents
  • Simplify workflows
  • Save precious time!
With the DM Sync Manager's new user interface, it is easy to define which groups in MS AD are synchronized to groups in eDOCS DM. As well as the user information that comes with it.
Newest version of DM Sync Manager offers new features and fixes - MIRANDA Partners

New features and functions in DM Sync Manager

The latest version of DM Sync Manager (released May 2024) includes these features and functions:

  • All AD objects that are not Users will be excluded from the sync process and thereby not cause sync problems. All excluded AD objects are logged.
  • Network Aliases are now accepted in the sync process.
  • To prevent errors within the GUI interface, adjustments have been made to the backend error handling.

With DM Sync Manager I save at least 2 hours every week! This is a very lean tool, linking the System Admins through DM Sync Manager directly to the DM Security System. If there is a delay time or you forget to disable a person - it's done automatically. I no longer have to worry about when people leave, if they are disabled and disconnected to our business critical information. It's like driving a car after you have been riding a bike for many years!

Sten, eDOCS DM System Administrator (800 eDOCS user accounts)
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DM Sync Manager saves system admins lots of time and worries!
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