System and admin tools developed for eDOCS DM

Admin tools for eDOCS DM developed by MIRANDA Partners

The Managers

We have developed a number of utilities for eDOCS DM. These products are collectively called "The Managers" and they count the following tools: 


All programs improve the functionalities of eDOCS DM and are developing continuously. 
DM Sync Manager is a synchronization tool for MS Active Directory developed by MIRANDA Partners

DM Sync Manager

Time saving synchronization tool for Microsoft Active Directory.
DM Sync Manager is easy to use, install and administrate, and will always keep your MS AD aligned with eDOCS DM. 
All settings in the MS AD Accounts and Groups are reflected in the Groups and People settings of eDOCS DM. That means users are only managed in one place. Processes are automated to give you more consistency and less risk of security problems. 
DM Sync Manager is a natural extension for eDOCS DM and makes your eDOCS DM administration faster, leaner and more accurate.
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DM Sync saves me a lot of work and problems as we are always aligned with the AD.

Sven, eDOCS DM System Manager
DM Connect Manager connects you to the nearest DM server - MIRANDA Partners

DM Connect Manager

Connect to your DM Server in an easy and fast way with DM Connect Manager!
This product is used for larger "Enterprise" installations, with many geographical locations that has each their DM server. eDOCS DM has a very well distributed architecture where the customer can set up local DM servers.
DM Connect ensures that you always log on to the nearest DM server and thereby DM performance level will be kept high.
The product fits organizations where users move around between several geographical work locations.
Recover lost DM documents with Admin Portal tools from MIRANDA Partners

Recover lost documents

Admin Portal is a product line to support eDOCS DM administrators and helpdesk staff. It is a web-based framework that holds several functions. 
The Admin Portal provides a communication element to make the processes transparent and to inform users, helpdesk and other participant about the actions.
Please contact us for information on future features for Admin Portal - or for booking a web presentation on the present tools.
The programs are sold through resellers abroad, or directly if no reseller is found in your region.

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