Document management and tools for admins and users

eDOCS DM from OpenText - document management

Document Management with eDOCS DM from OpenText

eDOCS provides a structured solution for your documents and files. Almost all known file formats can be imported into the document archive.
Highly customizable with a large range of options to build one or more meta data forms used as document profile sheets.
OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) is purpose-built to help organizations control and quickly locate their work product. It consolidates all types of content into a single, centralized repository where it is managed securely and compliantly, yet remains easy find, access, and work with – for efficient day-to-day operations.
eDOCS DM is a proven and easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with your operations and “works the way you do”. In the eDOCS DM 16 release you get many new features and functions. eDOCS InfoCenter is now available across platforms - and integrated with it's own panel in MS Outlook.
eDOCS InfoCenter is available across devices - also for Mac users

eDOCS InfoCenter - also for Mac!

eDOCS InfoCenter is a very flexible, easy to customize interface that works across platforms. It works with Windows - and Mac!
It streamlines your tasks, it boosts user productivity and when it's time for software updates, they're done easy and quickly.
You can personalize your InfoCenter with the files and folders most important to you. It presents with a great overview and you can enlarge tiles you want to highlight. Drag and drop tiles to reorganize and put them in the order you prefer.
The mobile platform for InfoCenter is a simple and very intuitive user interface. Now you have an easy access to your most important documents and files while you're on the go. Log on with the touch of your finger.
Admin tools for eDOCS DM developed by MIRANDA Partners

Tools for eDOCS admins

Working +20 years with the eDOCS DM platform, has evolved into developing applications that make life easier for the administrator.
Our Admin Tools are targeted to System Managers and helpdesk functions. To mention a few: 


User tools for eDOCS DM - developed by MIRANDA Partners

Tools for eDOCS users

Creating new and innovative functionality for the eDOCS DM community has surfaced a range of applications called “The Managers” which provides some of the shortcuts you've always wanted.
For instance Smart Search Manager - a very useful search interface with filters for your document management system.
The functions of The Managers range from simple workflow adoptions to enterprise conversion application.
See details on functionality and benefits in the product descriptions.
Download product descriptions from MIRANDA Partners

MIRANDA Partners product descriptions

Go to our download page and find PDF files on each of our products and services.
However, you will get a much better impression by booking an online demo with one of our system specialists. 
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