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We have extensive experience in developing and implementing IT systems and programs in many different companies.
To ensure success both on the technical and user-oriented level, we use recognized methods like PRINCE2 that we know work.
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MIRANDA Partners has been around for 20 years and we're highly qualified within Microsoft and OpenText. 

If a Document Management System was a house...

If you imagine a Document Management System as a building, it's easy to understand why many organisations have different solutions. Just like a house is home to some and a hotel to others. Both are buildings, but very different in demand, usage and criteria for success. 

eDOCS DM is a DMS system easy to implement and capable to function exactly with the needs of your organisation.
eDOCS DM version 16.3 was released December 2017 and many new features and functions comes with it. The very flexible user interface InfoCenter is one of them, and it's now available across all platforms - from desktop to tablet to phone.
MIRANDA Partners has developed support and admin tools for eDOCS

Support and admin tools developed for eDOCS DM

We have developed these plugins to make the functionality of eDOCS DM even better. We call them "The Managers" and their job is to make your eDOCS DM administration faster, leaner and more accurate.  

MIRANDA Partners has developed tools for eDOCS users

User tools that will make eDOCS DM even better!

We have developed tools that provide great extended functions for eDOCS DM! Find documents easy or create a task in Outlook based on the DM document - just to mention a few.  


Click the button and read more about user tools for eDOCS DM.
Professional Services in and outside eDOCS DM specifics  - MIRANDA Partners A/S

Professional Services - OpenText eDOCS DM

Two decades of experience with eDOCS DM gives us the confidence and the competence we can offer you.
We do support and service in and outside of eDOCS DM specifics. We link OpenText technology with the customers business demand. From this position we are able to provide help from simple configurations to game changing system designs and solutions. 
We offer support either case by case, on regular basis or as strategic partners on longterm level. 

We are commited to the customers core business. On one hand we are working innovative, and on the other we make useful IT solutions here and now. It has resulted in long, good cooperation relationships with many customers.

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