eDOCS InfoCenter for Windows and Mac

eDOCS InfoCenter presented by MIRANDA Partners

What eDOCS InfoCenter is all about

The new InfoCenter in eDOCS DM 16.2 is a very flexible, easy to customize desktop interface that works with Windows and Mac!
It streamlines your tasks, it boosts user productivity and when it's time for software updates, they're done easy and quickly.
You can personalize your InfoCenter with the files and folders most important to you. It presents with a great overview and you can enlarge tiles you want to highlight. Drag and drop tiles to reorganize and put them in the order you prefer. Also you can drag out a folder from e.g saved searches and thereby give it it's own tile on the desktop.
There's extended options for sharing a eDOCS DM document also in the 16.2 version. You can now send a copy, a reference or a zip file. Watch eDOCS 16.2 webinar here
Search results at eDOCS InfoCenter presented by MIRANDA Partners

eDOCS InfoCenter with search functions

eDOCS InfoCenter contains two search functions. A quick search in the grey tile on the left, and an enlarged search in the upper right corner. 
Type in keywords and seek in all DM profiles and content. You can use filters in your search like e.g.
- Content name
- Document number
- Client
- Matter
- Author
- Creation date


Watch this 1 minute video from this years OpenText conference Enterprise World 2017 in Canada, where eDOCS InfoCenter and the search functions were introduced.

eDOCS InfoCenter Mobile Client coming up!

OpenText announced at Enterprise World 2017 that a new mobile client will be included with the named user license (for customers upgraded to the 16.2 release) slated for Release 16.3 in late 2017.
This new feature is possible because of the integration with OpentText’s AppWorks that was leveraged for the new InfoCenter UI. 

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