Unlock and recover lost documents with Admin Portal for eDOCS DM

Transparent processes with Admin Portal

We have a product line to support eDOCS DM administrators and the helpdesk staff.
The Admin Portal for eDOCS DM is a framework to hold several functions. We have 3 managers ready for implementation today.
It provides a communication element to make the processes transparent and to inform users, helpdesk and other participant about the actions.
The Admin Portal is a web-based framework that contains Recover Manager, Unlock Manager and Document Information Manager.
Scroll down and read more about each Manager.

Recover Manager

Recover documents from your DM installation easily in a sleek and user-friendly UI.
Lost documents can be recovered from several restore points. The system creates a limited shadow repository of all restore points and deletions in the document creation and usage process.
The UI provides access to the restore point and restores the selected versions back into eDOCS. This can save many work hours as you might know.

Unlock Manager

Find yourself in a situation, where a document in eDOCS DM has been locked and cannot be unlocked? Unlock them with Unlock Manager!
This manager unlocks locked documents in a safe way with full security and an easy to use process. In an eDOCS environment documents are locked on purpose or by accident – this system provides a central operational unlock function.
Helpdesk or an appointed user can unlock – but can’t read the actual contents of the document. All operations are logged.

Document Info Manager

Find out all the critical information and metadata regarding a document with Document Information Manager!
Extensive document information viewer for Admins and helpdesk. The manager is a valued tool for helpdesk staff when working trouble shooting - or as an extract tool for second level support information.

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